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LinkedIn Masterclass Online Course

CPD Accredited

Drive Exceptional Business Growth

Learn How To Master LinkedIn

Learn how to accelerate your business growth by generating substantially more leads using cutting edge lead generation strategies from our leading CPD accredited LinkedIn course.

The course will show you how to optimise your LinkedIn profile to be in the top 1% of LinkedIn professionals and how to gain 10x more visibility.

It will help you open doors so you can win more clients or find the dream job you have always wanted.

This masterclass has been taught to 1,000’s of sole traders, sales professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers by Miles Duncan.

Consisting of tried and tested lessons, the course will guide you through the LinkedIn features you should be using and how to get the best from every one of them.

It is packed with in-depth lessons, downloadable guides/examples and over 45 video tutorials. You will have lifetime access to all the latest course updates.

You will also receive additional support in our LinkedIn community forum.

On successful completion you will be awarded with a YewBiz certificate and more importantly, a CPD accredited certificate, which you can include on your CV and your LinkedIn profile.

So, if you are ready to supercharge yourself on LinkedIn, join us today!